lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Seven -Final Fantasy Type-0-

Friends asked me to do Seven from Final Fantasy type 0, so this Romics we had the chance to show costumes Italy haven't ever see before (maybe 'cause the  game is not out, maybe, and it will never be) and me neather, I didn't played it, to say the truth. But I trusted Squall when he said that it was cool and I was ok for playing Seven.
So I looked for her and...Well, I thought she was another Paine  at the beginning. But the first thing I can say for sure, is that the costume is not that fuckin' hard to make and wear, so in the end, I prefer Seven better, without any doubt.
I'm afraid I will always play the same kind of characters.
But that is not a problem, I would make myself ridicolous playing a Disney Princess, so it's ok.
Some people says that grey hair suits me.
I don't want to write so much today, so let's begin with the pics already. 

Thanks to Hanacchi for the Pics, and to Ame for the editing 
(That day was so windy, all the wigs were all messed) 

Thanks to Massimiliano for this shots!
And to all my class 0 group, even if we should have been more!
Are they the most beautiful Machina and Rem you ever seen in your whole life?
I'm proud. 

A little bit of useless work in progress, Fabio helped me out with the shoulders, thanks a lot!

That was the first time I made an accessory. 
I was worried.

Ahahah this is useless. 

Thanks for reading such a short post, 

See ya!

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  1. Nono è diverso, io dico proprio che sei gnocca con i capelli grigi u.ù