giovedì 13 settembre 2012

A stupid entry just to talk about the shooting I had with lovely  for Kaito from Black Rock Shooter.

It's been hard, cause the weather wasn't exactly by our side, we had to put off the date two different times, really annoying.
But in the end someone decided to be gentle, so we could take this damned pics.
I really love the location, it's not far from my home actually, on a dirty side of a river.
I wanted to avoid ruined places, too much used for this kind of shooting (but probably, my next location will be there ahaha), so I found this one perfect for me, all covered by rusted iron and wild plants all over. 

It's been a pain to edit this set! But I like the result. 
A friend of mine did the editing of one of the pics, and for me, that is the best! Thanks Adriana! 

This one!

I really hope you like them, I'm looking forward to work again with Kira.

Somebody told me to sign the pics I take, but I dunno if I really wanna do that. I'm not a professional photographer, so I think is useless someway. 

Here the DA link!
I also opened a new DA account, just for ph, I didn't like flickr so much, so please take a look!

Lu Bruco Deviantart

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